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About Sudhita 

When I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, many pieces of my childhood and early adulthood fell into place. By educating myself about ADHD and learning the tools of mindfulness and meditation, I was able to figure out systems and safeguards for myself. Having a supportive spouse was extremely helpful in creating a happy and peaceful home life.


One nagging question remained. What if I had the support of a professional who understood ADHD at a deeper level and knew how to use that knowledge to help me navigate my challenges?

This is why I became a Certified ADHD Life Coach.

Sudhita Kasturi

The refrain I grew up hearing was:

“She has so much potential. She just needs to work harder.”

Even with supportive parents, the traditional solutions that worked for my siblings did not work for me. My grades and potential were never in sync! 


What my parents and I didn’t know was that I had inattentive ADHD. I struggled in college to focus and noticed that my peers managed multiple homework and project deadlines with ease that evaded me. On the other hand, I was great at out-of-the-box thinking and coming up with creative solutions to problems. Even though I successfully completed degrees in Chemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology, I knew something was “off.”

In my career as an entrepreneur, program manager and educator, I worked with neurotypical and neurodiverse clients and students. I have seen them face socio-economic disadvantages and barriers of race, ethnicity, color, gender identity. The young professionals I mentor face similar issues. All this made me more aware of how an alternate support structure could benefit those who are different from the majority of the population. This drew me to the world of ADHD Coaching. 

In 2018, both our children were diagnosed with ADHD*. The fact that ADHD was hereditary was just proven in our family! To help them reach their potential, we needed coaches. Our struggles to find a good coach who understood the unique manifestation of ADHD in each child cemented my attraction to ADHD coaching. Getting trained as a coach was the logical next step.

The key to my success has been resilience, determination, and an understanding of my unique brain. I have applied the established practices of meditation and mindfulness to manage my ADHD. Getting trained as a coach and connecting my coaching to my South Asian roots gives me the opportunity to bring the best of both worlds to my clients. As a Certified ADHD Life Coach, I partner with my client allowing them to leverage their ADHD to lead a happier and fuller life.

*Shared with permission.

Educational Qualifications:

Certified ADHD Life Coach, International ADHD Coach Training Center, Blaine, WA  

B. S. in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

B. S. (Honors) Chemistry, University of Delhi, India

Graduate Studies in Chemistry, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Languages Spoken:

English, Hindi, Telugu

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