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The ADHD brain is different due to its unique neurochemistry and an ADHD Life Coach addresses this difference  by partnering with their client in their journey

to accomplish their goals.

What is coaching?

Life coaching is the opportunity to work with someone who can help you identify your goals and support you while you move towards them. They are not an expert or above you– rather, they are your teammate. They hold the space for you so you can slow down and think deeply to explore your options. They do so with no judgment, just support. 


A life coach serves as a unique role, distinct from a consultant, mentor, therapist, tutor,
or friend. They offer valuable guidance without dictating solutions or taking on the

traditional role of an expert telling you what to do. Instead, they encourage self-
discovery and learning. Life coaches emphasize forward-looking perspectives, steering

clear of diagnostic approaches. They recognize that you are the expert of your life and work with you on what is happening in the present. From time to time, they may offer suggestions based on their training and knowledge. A coach inspires you, encourages you to harness your strengths, and design the life you want for yourself. 

How is ADHD Life Coaching different?

The ADHD brain is different due to its unique neurochemistry. An ADHD Life Coach is trained to understand how this difference shows up in everyday life. They address this difference by partnering with you in your journey to accomplish your goals. Utilizing their understanding of the ADHD brain, they help present solutions meant for you. The goals they can help with range from making a career change, studying for a test, finishing homework, or even getting a handle on taking a shower every day. 

You enter into a collaborative relationship with your coach to increase your self-awareness and to call upon your ability to problem solve for yourself.  This process gives you the opportunity to take action for yourself by leveraging your strengths and addressing your challenges. All this, while benefiting from the many hats an ADHD coach wears be it a motivator, strategist, educator, or accountability partner. A good coach supports your role as the driver of your life while they help you navigate from the passenger seat. 

ADHD coaching is also confidential and bound by ethical standards and guidelines, allowing you to talk to your coach freely and comfortably.

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