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How many careers have you tried?

I love my work as an ADHD Coach. My clients are fascinating human beings with so much to offer, and I feel fortunate to work with them. 

My joy with my current work got me thinking of all the different jobs and careers I have tried. At first, I could only think of the four or five on my resume. However, the list of twenty (shared below) was exhaustive when I put pen to paper. 

A few of these choices were due to circumstance, and others were because someone made me an offer, and the option looked exciting. Some, like homeschooling my children and teaching science, lined up with my training and what I wanted for my children. These were the ones I committed to for longer times, and I found more joy in them. With most of the other ones, the excitement faded as the newness wore off and the tasks became repetitive.  

I never understood why I got bored so quickly. My friends picked a career path and stuck with it even after the initial excitement wore off. Once things settled, they enjoyed their work more. The early days, when I did not know anything and was learning new things, were the best for me. Once I figured things out, the boredom set in, and I wanted to move on to newer pastures.

Learning about ADHD was an essential part of my training as a coach. A couple of pieces of learning stood out for me and offered a new perspective and understanding of myself. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head! 

  • As Dr. Halloway puts it, we are the “now, not now” people. It is challenging to think long-term and map out how things will be. How the monotonous tasks of today can lead to a more secure future or retirement is difficult to grasp. If we can tether to a higher goal, then it is easier for us to navigate the tedious aspects of a task. The value of providing a rich and unique educational experience for my kids and students outweighed the tedium of grading and record keeping. 

  • We also have an interest-based nervous system, a term coined by Dr. Dodson. If we are interested, we are engaged. If not, it is difficult for us to be motivated, which is directly related to dopamine release and diffusion in our brain. ADHD Coaching is the one profession that has sustained my attention and interest. I wake up every day excited about the day and the unique experiences it brings. No day is like another, no two clients are the same, and no two appointments with the same client are alike. The variety, the focus on my clients’ dilemmas, and the desire to partner with them as they accomplish their goals sustain my interest and attention. With my coach’s help, I can chart a long-term plan that helps me enjoy the present while working towards the future. 

Are you someone who moves from career to career? Someone intelligent and hardworking, yet you can’t seem to stick with things even when the benefit is evident to you? It may be time to delve into why you do what you do and find out what works for you.

Here is my brain dump. These are in no particular order. 

  1. Editor of scientific articles

  2. Salesperson for high-end women’s clothing

  3. Design and market corporate reward and incentive programs

  4. Copy Center representative

  5. Nutritional and Health Consultant

  6. Skincare and Makeup Consultant

  7. Model

  8. Event organizer

  9. Camp Coordinator

  10. Camp Director 

  11. Radon Testing

  12. Bookkeeping

  13. Financial software teacher

  14. Tutoring

  15. Designing, creating, and teaching innovative science courses

  16. Homeschooling

  17. Writing copy for real estate marketing programs

  18. Research Assistant

  19. Youth Mentor

  20. ADHD Coach 

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