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"I have an ADHD diagnosis, now what?"

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Something is not right!

Most children and adults with ADHD know that something is off. Most parents also know that their child is different from other children. Figuring out what is off can be a difficult and challenging process. If they are fortunate, the many hours spent on the internet researching the symptoms and then explaining everything to their physician or pediatrician may lead to a diagnosis. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or in short ADHD!

An ADHD diagnosis can sound like a death knell to parents and adults alike. There may be some joy that there is a diagnosis but the sorrow for the life you or your child could have had and the anger that no one figured it out sooner can overshadow the joy.

(prevalent) Next steps can include seeing your physician or psychiatrist for medication support, seeing a therapist especially if you have comorbidities like depression or ADHD-related trauma. The most uncommon and rarely mentioned option is working with a Certified ADHD Life Coach.

Most of us don’t know what a life coach does, leave alone a Certified ADHD Life Coach. Who are these people, what do they do and most importantly why do I need to see them?

For most adults and children or parents of children with ADHD the conventional knowledge, advice, and strategies do not work. This is because the ADHD brain works differently and what works for others does not work for us. It is the proverbial square peg in a round hole analogy.

Life Coaches partner with their clients to help them move forward in life. A Certified ADHD Life Coach has specialized training in ADHD, the issues surrounding it, and how to partner with their clients to address these issues.

The next question I hear is, “Great, but how will this help me specifically?” You don’t know my life, my challenges and who I am. I do not fit a formula and all the solutions books, podcasts and well meaning friends and family offer me DO NOT work for me.

Coaching with a Certified ADHD Coach is a partnership tailored to your needs. There is no box and there is no formula. The solutions are as unique as you. because you craft them. They are based on your past successes and challenges, your strengths and weaknesses, and what your goals are. As a coach, you and I collaborate-you bring your ADHD related dilemma work while I bring my education and training to aid you. We work on leveraging your strengths and navigating your weaknesses for you to have more agency in how you navigate your life and work towards the life that you envision for yourself.

leverage your adhd

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